Regulations and Controls of the Publication in Africa Journal of Geosciences (AJG)

  1. The AJG publishes researches having the authenticity, innovation and following the sound methodological and scientific documentation with the safety of thoughts, language and style.
  2. Used data and information on the subject of research must be modern, clear, useful and interesting to be submitted in a logical manner.
  3. Author (and co-authors) must be aware that incorrect or fake information is an unethical behavior and unacceptable and he is legally responsible for any inconvenience or used data from another party.
  4. The strong determination of the study and the obvious hypotheses and applying them correctly and justified conclusions to make it easy for reviewers and editors to feel the importance effortlessly.
  5. Paper submitted for publication must have not been previously published or submitted for publication, on the other hand, in the case of the approval for publication, a contract between the AJG and the author(s) is signed through a copyright form that identifies the Rights of the two parties and their commitments in which it is not allowed to publish this paper in the same form in any other language except by a written permission from the Chairman of the Editor committee.
  6. The paper is perceived as scientifically accepted for publication only after receiving the final approval from the editorial committee. Rejected papers will receive a written notice from the committee.
  7. Send papers submitted for publication to experienced reviewers who are specialists chosen by the Editorial committee in undisclosed contact; the AJG has the right to request modifications (if needed to enrich the scientific content) to the research by the reviewers before accepting the research for publication.
  8. Send papers for publication to the contact person through this address:
  9. Only researches written in English are accepted for publication and the research must not exceed (15) pages including tables, references and forms
  10. Write abstracts in both Arabic and English following the international rules in typing the abstracts and it must be separate and comprehensive. The number of words in any research must not exceed 250 words to take into account the most important objectives of the research and the facts, conclusions and recommendations.
  11. The use of the recent references is highly required and they have to be written in Harvard style.
  12. You must type the titles of the research and the names of the authors and their addresses in the Arabic Abstract of the research that is presented in English.
  13. The used system is the metric in all measurements.
  14. All pages must be numbered serially including figures, tables and charts that are associated with the research.